Tumskie Hill in Plock

Plock is a city and a special space for entire World. Plock is large and long history and the important present time and the future. Plock is over millenary history and the tradition. This city very well is combining history and the modernity. Plock is a historical capital city of Poland and Masovia (Region of Poland) the oldest town in Center of Poland and Masovia as well as one of the oldest towns in Poland.
Plock is an at present quickly unrolling city, being in very Centre of Poland about 130 thousands counting this city of inhabitants nice is laid on the high bank of the wide Vistula River. Many treasured monuments are situated in Plock, among them a cathedral basilica is trying Romanesque and lock of the first dynasty of kings of Poland - the dynasty Piast. The cathedral basilica and the lock are on a Tumskie Hill which was an ancient castle reaching Roman times and the earlier settlement of the man.
Plock is a very important and strategic place for Europe and World on account of its location (Center Europe) civilization, culture, history and economy, economics and energetics (the modern and biggest refinery and the oil-fuel industry in this region of Europe). In this place they are meeting and all sorts civilizations and cultures are uniting with themselves. From the west European Union (Poland together with Plock is member EU) and America, from the East Russia, China, Japan and entire Asia. Plock is one of a few of the World centres CIFAL at the UN.
In history Plock also played paramount meaning..On 18-19 August 1920 armies of Bolshevik Russia invaded the to Poland and Plock. In spite of the great military majority of the opponent of Plock thanks to her heroic conduct took the population back not permitting Bolsheviks the victory to the passage through Vistula River. Otherwise Bolsheviks would force their way farther assuming the power in Europe, having the big support there then like for example in Germany. This victorious fight of Plock had the intense and deciding influence on protecting Europe and World from this threat.
On February 22, 1931, here in Plock, Saint Sister Faustina Kowalska had her first and most important revelation of Merciful Jesus (The Image "Jesus, I trast in You") and His wish regarding establishing of The Feast of The Divine Mercy on the first Sunday after Easter.

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